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Simply put, we help you find the ideal puppy for your family. We use a number of vetting processes that screen breeders and require health checks for every puppy before they come home to you.

Hello every one we are happy to introduce you to our Golden Doodle puppies home,made up of my self my wife,our lovely son and numinous Golden Doodle puppies, it all started as a dream and its a dream come true now. Falling in love with a friends Golden Doodle puppies some years back has turn out into a breeding home for Golden Doodle puppies. We have, and been breeding Golden Doodle puppies for about 8 years now.


The first experience  with Golden Doodle puppies was a great one as the ones I came across were those of about 6 to 8lbs range. They were Short small and fluffy dogs. I saw this as a  perfect size for them. Not the pale looking Golden Doodle puppies, but again they were not too big to take places. I am noticing with time, that the toy breeds seem to be getting tiny and tiny  all the time, This is true as far as the  Golden Doodle puppies is concern . Now I see and 4 to 6lbs Golden Doodle puppies all over the place.


After all these observations,we then decided to do something that could preserve what the Golden Doodle puppies should look like, a short cobby wrinkled but low to the ground fluffy healthy pom of about 4 to 7lbs. It has not been easy  to get Golden Doodle puppies of this size at all.but fortunately we have taken time and searched all over the whole territory  to find that right breeding stock.  Our Golden Doodle puppies are raised to be happy, healthy, sturdy dogs, aimed at making us laugh and feel loved as well as their secondary owners. They are free from diseases that has to do with genetics , and are of wonderful temperaments. That is what a “Real Golden Doodle puppies” should be, and we do everything possible to maintain that  standard at our Golden Doodle puppies home and thus “The home of the Real Golden Doodle puppies”.


I began just with a tan stud and a black female,  I was constantly in the quest for more knowledge about  Golden Doodle puppies, thought i did lots of research but could not get the required knowledge that i needed, then latter i started coming across articles that stated Golden Doodle puppies many more colors,  this motivated  me and so searched further.  I finally learned that Golden Doodle puppies were once white, chocolate, brindle, and a dark silver colored, also,they were apricot fawn, fawn, and black, but the America Golden Doodle puppies Dog Club reduced these colors by writing a standardized article that  only recognized a certain colors. It triggered my quest to seek out Golden Doodle puppies of Color and start working with them.  my passion and personal mission is to get these wonderful colors recognized globally . This is a work in progress and i will eventually add more as our website grows.


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