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Simply put, we help you find the ideal puppy for your family. We use a number of vetting processes that screen breeders and require health checks for every puppy before they come home to you.

Golden Doodle puppies

Our Client Testimonials

We find satisfaction in raising puppies because of the smiling families that come to adopt them. Here you will find some testimonials for past puppies and sold puppies. Take a look at what our past customers have to say about us for we have served them with good faith.


Good morning dear Rondeau family,

Daisy is currently doing great and is growing as happy as possible. I’ve sent you some pictures by email so you can enjoy your baby as well. She is the sunshine of our days , she is always playing, giving us love and making funny faces!!!

My Regards,

Kathlin Silva !!!!


Hi, Tina

is a blessing to our family this year. You guys made our dream to come true. To God we never believed you were going to ship the baby to us; Because we had falling into the hands of scams many times , So my husband said, well this should be the last time that we are sending money via wire transfer. And thank GOD we did and you kept to your words, God will bless you and your family, i can’t stop thanking you, we so excited. Wishing you the best. If I have someone who is interested in buying a Golden Doodle puppies  puppy, your website will be the first to visit. We couldn’t be happier! Thanks for everything.


Mr Tom Vincent N.

Hi there, we are very glad to share an updated picture of our Jane, which we got a couple of months before from you. We have to tell you he is an amazing puppy. People stop us constantly, to play with him. Other Puppynowners tell us how perfect he is!!!!

We just adore him. Anthony teases me that I constantly kiss him and say under my breath, “he is so cute and love, affection and outgoing”!!!!!



Connakl M. E Family

Best Golden Doodle Family  are a professional breeder who truly cares for the welfare of her puppies. they made sure our baby was safely delivered within 48 hours of my purchase. Now our lulu is a happy healthy addition to our family, and she is absolutely gorgeous and intelligent!!


Jessica Cotman

Best Golden Doodle Family,  I know you told me someone didn't think batman's semen was fertile enough. Well when my vet got it and checked it, he said it was one of the best samples he had ever checked when someone used chilled semen. Thanks so much for working with me under strict time constraints. This is what I wish we all got from stud services every time. Thank you very much. Puppies on dec 19, 2016.


Happy, happy breeder

Golden Doodle puppies